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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
LETTER 75.—* James Thomson (1700-1748) -was made known to the Prince by Lyttelton, in 1738. The Prince granted him a pension of £100 a year, but -withdrew it in 1748, on a quarrel with Thomson's patron, Lyttelton.
2  Bobert Dodsley (1703-1764), poet, dramatist, and bookseller.
3  George Whitfield (1714-1770).
be ridiculous if it were not on one side or t'other. Thus Sandys thinks he has spoken an epigram, when he crinkles up his nose and lays a smart accent on ways and means.
We may, indeed, hope a little better now to the declining arts. The reconciliation between the royalties is finished, and fifty thousand pounds a year more added to the heir apparent's revenue. He will have money now to tune up Glover, and Thomson1, and Dodsley2 again:
Et spes et ratio studiorum in Caesare tantvm.
Ashton is much yours. He has preached twice at Somerset Chapel with the greatest applause. I do not mind his pleasing the generality, for you know they ran as much after "Whitfield 3 as they could after Tillotson4 ; and I do not doubt but St. Jude converted as many honourable women as St. Paul. But I am sure you would approve his compositions, and admire tliem still more when you heard him deliver them. He "will write to you himself next post, but is not mad enough with his fame to write you a sermon. Adieu, dear child ! Write me the progress of your recovery8, and believe it will give me a sincere
pleasure ; for I am, yours ever,
Downing Street, May 6, 1742.
I HAVE received a long letter from you of the 22nd of April. It amazes me ! that our friends of Florence should
•* John Tillotson (1630-1694), Archbishop of Canterbury, of whom Whit-field said that he ' knew no more a."bout true Christianity than Ma-liomet.' TTia popularity as a preacher equalled that of Whitfield at the time of Walpole's reference to the latter.
5 West died at Popes, near Hat-field, June 1, 1742.